Become a PADI certified diver in Gorontalo Indonesia!, get experience, knowledge and be ready to travel around the world. Temanyelam is the best dive school in Gorontalo, we have professional and experienced PADI Instructor guaranteeing you a fun and safe diving!

Learn how to safely explore and protect the underwater world, perform basic dive skills and set up scuba equipment.

Take your dive skills to the next level. Practice navigation and bouyancy, try deep diving, and make three specialty dives of your choice.

Learn to identify and fix minor is sues before they become problematic, respond to dive emergencies, and recogninze and manage stress with other divers.

Write a short text about your service. Highlight key benefits for potential clients.

Learn a different scuba configuration and how to properly assemble and configure sidemount equipment, manage gas, trim your weight, and attach and remove cylinders.

Extend your bottom time, shorten your surface intervals and dive deeper on repetitive dives.

Learn how to survey and explore wrecks responsibly with special finning techniques, lines and reels, and avoid common problems.

See the underwater world after sundown and learn how to navigate, ascend and descend, and use your dive light to communicate at night

Gain confidence diving in currents and practice bouyancy control, entries and descents, and using surface signaling equipment.

Reach new depths, discover new dive sites, and learn abaout deep dive planning, dive limits and gas management

Learn CPR, how to provinsi first aid to assess and responden to injuries in the critical moments until medical help arrives.

Gain experience assembling an oxygen unit, and learn to identify when and how to administer oxygen and aid for diving and water related injuries.